We like to manage our herd with a cost efficient, practical, and common sense approach. We want our cattle to be able to thrive and reproduce in any commercial herd setting, whether it is rugged, arid, badlands or lush, wet, flat lands.

We do not creep feed our calves. Average adjusted weaning weight on the bull calves last year was 760 lbs.

Since we do not grow corn, our cattle are never fed corn silage. A minimal amount of whole corn and protein supplement is purchased and fed to sale bulls and heifers. We expect our cattle to efficiently convert grass and roughage into heavy payday weights.

We also do some ET work on our best cows. Our ET cows are generally 7 years or older. They usually are Pathfinder cows or have high weaning ratios and come from proven cow families. They are never left open and must be raising a natural calf.

We take pride in our heritage and stewardship of the land. We utilize rotational grazing systems and minimal tillage conservation practices. We have drilled water wells and laid several miles of underground pipeline to centrally located water tanks and have reestablished native grass plantings in once highly erodible soils. In recognition of these practices we were named the 2005 Morton County Conservation Achievement winners.